XML List Menu, Flash Component

XML List Menu, Flash Component

Flash Component which generates a menu list from XML data. You...

Flash Component which generates a menu list from XML data. You can choose the speed of the scroll up and scroll down buttons. You can choose the part/area (height) of the menu which will be shown through a mask (the visible height of the menu).

You can add additional space in pixels between the menu items. You can make buttons background parts semitransparent so that any current background content like images will show through.

You can choose to use pre-created textfield or use component parameters to choose and embed your font choices. You can set default icons (MovieClips) to be used for Main and Sub items and-or choose to override items of your choice (in xml tag) to use it's own specific different icon MovieClip.

You can choose whether the menuitems will open the links by loadmovie of external. swf files or choose to have them open their links as webpages (in a frameset).

You can add a black text duplicate as a shadow behind the menuitem text. You can have menu items have an outline or turn it off. You can have the loaded movies appear behind a restricted mask area or leave them without mask.

You can set the menu to PULLOUT-type so that the MAIN items function as colapse-pullout items, revealing and hiding their submenu items (either one or multiple pullout at a time) You can make the listmenu show an extra search option and show ALL / show MAIN buttons.

You can add an extra Show Flag-ed items only button to the menu, so that for instance you can have a button making the menu show newest items only.

You can choose active categories, so that user can select and deselect MAIN menu items, only active categories will be searched through with the SEARCH field.

You can choose to have next-previous buttons. You can choose to ALWAYS have the list show MAIN items, even if the list is recreated with a search or with a Flag-button.

XML List Menu, Flash Component


XML List Menu, Flash Component